Blockchain Laboratories becomes member of Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)

Blockchain Laboratories is excited to announce we have become a member of the Global Blockchain Business Council, also known as GBBC. Being a member of GBBC will provide our business with resources and opportunities to be among the business leaders, regulators, and government officials that are advancing the understanding and adoption of blockchain technology. Global […]

The Future of ESG markets: Why Digital Assets Will be the Key to Success

Graph Source: In recent years, digital assets have emerged as a revolutionary new technology that is beginning to change the way businesses operate. Digital assets are a form of cryptographic token that can be used to store and transfer data in a secure, immutable, and reliable manner. The potential applications of digital assets are […]

Blockchain Laboratories announces partnership with Intrinsic Methods to build Carbon Credit Registry on XRPL

Working Together to Solve the Climate & Deforestation Crisis with Innovative Reforestation Carbon Credits on XRP Ledger For Immediate Release Blockchain Laboratories is proud to announce its partnership with Intrinsic Methods to support new reforestation and afforestation projects worldwide. By enabling carbon credit tokenization on the XRP Ledger. XRPL was the first carbon neutral blockchain network, […]