Part 2: Carbon Removal Registry – Real World Example

Building upon the groundwork laid in Part 1, this section dives deeper into a specific example of nature-tech in action: Web3 SaaS carbon removal credit registry. We’ll explore how this innovative technology tackles the crucial issue of carbon emissions, examining its potential and practical applications.

Part 1: A Lens on Nature-Tech – Beyond Paper Trails

Sustainable Forest

This part 1 of 2 delves into the exciting world of nature-tech, exploring how technology can be harnessed to address environmental challenges and foster a more sustainable future. In this first part, we’ll gain a foundational understanding of some of the challenges today and the benefits of nature-tech and its key characteristics.

Davos – Blockchain Central 2024

CMO Blog Within a couple of weeks I had hit the ground running with an incredible opportunity to travel to Davos, Switzerland for Blockchain Central Davos 2024, hosted by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) January 15th – 18th, during the World Economic Forum. It was an honor to participate in a panel discussion on […]

Blockchain Tech with Purpose

This blog series is more than just a chronicle of my personal journey and career pivot. It’s a space for thought leadership, shared experiences, and community building as we navigate the exciting, yet challenging, terrain of “Tech for Good.”  Your feedback and comments are not only welcome, but encouraged. Let’s learn and grow together as we contribute to a positive impact through technology.

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