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Within a couple of weeks I had hit the ground running with an incredible opportunity to travel to Davos, Switzerland for Blockchain Central Davos 2024, hosted by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) January 15th – 18th, during the World Economic Forum. It was an honor to participate in a panel discussion on the realities of the Carbon Markets and discuss some real-world examples currently being built by the company.  Some of the areas discussed were:

  • The importance of standards, and use of standardized data formats and protocols to ensure smooth data exchange between different platforms and stakeholders.
  • Current limitations and lengthy manual processes involving measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) that reviews data supporting removal of carbon from the atmosphere and storing it permanently into something that can be sold as a credit.
  • Article 6 of the Paris Agreement that includes dealing with international cooperation on climate action.
  • Real-world examples of Digital transformation of MRV with the use of technology within the voluntary carbon market – including satellites, sensors, IoT devices, AI and blockchain technology.

As a member of GBBC, Blockchain Laboratories has been at the forefront of building technology using IWA’s Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF), an open-source resource that simplifies understanding and describing tokens in the blockchain and Web3 space. This framework bridges the gap between developers, businesses, and regulators by providing a common language for discussing token characteristics.

Interwork Alliance (IWA) Token Taxonomy Framework (A Global Blockchain Business Council Initiative)

During the event, I also had the opportunity to network with experts in the blockchain and AI industry and engage in conversations during the daily train journey to the Swiss Alps which led to valuable connections and further validated my chosen path.

Inspired by these experiences, as CMO at Blockchain Laboratories, I am now more determined than ever to help shape our go-to-market strategy, create the messaging, and digital marketing assets that effectively engage, promote and showcase our Web3 SaaS technology that targets business-to-business (B2B) white labels for existing brands and our inhouse ventures. 

With our upcoming product launches, we are now embarking on an investor outreach to raise seed funding. This capital will support the launch and market debut of multiple Web3 SaaS ventures that the company has been developing over the past 24 months. Among these ventures is a white-label carbon registry for Intrinsic Methods, a company focused on reforestation-based projects that utilizes patented technology to accelerate

tree growth and enhance survivability rates.  In addition, our inhouse venture use cases including conservation and biodiversity, inclusive finance, and decentralized governance, are all aimed at empowering positive impact.

By harnessing the power of technology, we can build a better future.  And by working collectively we can amplify the reach and impact innovative technology provides to drive positive change for people and the planet.

To learn more about Blockchain Laboratories visit https://blockchainlaboratories.com/ 

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