Part 2: Carbon Removal Registry – Real World Example

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In the pursuit of global net-zero emission goals, carbon markets and digital MRV play a pivotal role in nature-tech innovation and sustainable development. 

  1. Digital MRV has the potential to become the standard verification method for nature-based carbon projects, significantly reducing fraud and data errors. 
  2. Opportunities towards developing standardized data protocols and verification methodologies for carbon projects, improving market transparency and trust.
  3. Advanced AI and blockchain technologies automating most MRV processes, ensuring real-time data tracking and seamless verification. 

Intrinsic Methods, a company focused on reforestation-based projects, was looking for a way to bring in nature-tech for registering and issuing carbon credits.  Intrinsic Methods only issues carbon removal credits from ecological projects that are planting Rootmaker certified trees whose methodology and patented container system enable trees to grow two to three times faster with higher survival rates which is critical for reforestation and forestation projects.

They turned to Blockchain Laboratories to license and white-label W3 SaaS technology for powering a Carbon Removal Credit Registry.  The use case was to create and manage non-fungible tokens (NFTs) directly linked to certified carbon offsets from Rootmaker’s high-quality treeplanting projects.

As a result, the carbon removal credit registry solution brings radical transparency to the whole life cycle of carbon credits from the moment that it’s issued to any trading activity it has, through to retirement.  This is all highly transparent auditable information that can be followed back to the ecological projects along with verification data.  Satellite imagery and AI are used for measuring the project.  Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be minted against an ecological claim that represents MRV and data collection with third-party review and signoff included.  

Intrinsic Methods has begun onboarding their ecological project starting in Brazil and targeting other countries around the global, making the carbon removal registry seamless between the supply (including various landowners and projects with Rootmaker’s high quality tree planting) and demand (including various brands with tree planting and carbon offset commitments, government agencies, NGO’s and individuals). 

This offers a more transparent, efficient, and impactful approach to carbon reduction efforts.  Further, the end-to-end process illustrates the importance of W3 SaaS’s use of open standards like Interwork Alliances (IWA’s) Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF).  In addition, the built-in integration of multi-party computation (MPC) wallets significantly enhances the overall security of digital assets and user wallet experience.

The advancements in technology and standards are accelerating the path toward a greener future and the possibilities of this type of nature-tech solution can extend to biodiversity for perpetual conservation, water management, waste management, sustainable food productions, and more.   

To learn more about Intrinsic Methods and some of the other decentralized applications Blockchain Technologies is powering, join me and others at the upcoming Webinar on March 19th, 2024 at 7am PST/10am EST.

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