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Blockchain Laboratories is a Web3 Venture Studio

Building the next generation of DApps & DeFi

Blockchain Laboratories is a web3 venture studio developing Impactful DeFi applications and ESG digital assets and protocols that have Triple Bottom Line ROI. We build software and web3 systems in high value markets using innovative blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Wall Street Journal “Wood Mackenzie, an energy consulting firm, estimates a global carbon market could be worth $22 trillion by 2050” 

We are working on DApps and Digital Assets in the voluntary carbon markets, forest conservation, real estate lending, and cause-integrated digital advertising. We make money from royalties on transactions from the web3 platforms we build. Our founder invented “ESG NFTs” and was the first to issue digital assets representing rights to future CO2 sequestered from perpetually conserved forest land.

“Global ESG assets are on track to exceed $53 trillion by 2025, representing more than a third of the $140.5 trillion in projected total assets under management. Assuming 15% growth, half the pace of the past five years, ESG assets under management could climb to more than a third of the projected $140.5 trillion global total by 2025. ESG assets are on track to reach $53 trillion, based on our analysis, up from $37.8 trillion by year-end. They jumped to $30.6 trillion in 2018 from $22.8 trillion in 2016.”

We believe that our web3 ESG solutions will be some of the most impactful and profitable DeFi use cases in history. Our strategy is to have a robust portfolio of impactful ESG DeFi Protocols, ESG Decentralized Applications, and ESG Digital Assets on multiple of the leading carbon neutral/negative blockchains and DLTs.

Carbonland Trust

Digital MRV & Carbon Credit Tokenization 

Carbonland DAO

Perpetual Forest Conservation Protocol

Stiff Money

P2P Home Lending &
Lease-2-Own Smart Contracts


Cause-Integrated Marketing DAO

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology

We build on top of blockchain and distributed ledger technology that is carbon neutral. And are using open source and industry leading standards in our development.

Carbonland Trust a 501c3
Holds conservation easements and does AI/DLT MRV on those properties. Issues Carbon Removal Credits (CRC) based on yearly MRV data. Issues CRC a unretired carbon credit from nature preserves.

Carbonland Trust’s CRC Token
Every Carbon Removal Credit (CRC) represents a 1 ton removal of CO2e that has been stored by forest land that has been put into perpetual conservation.

  • Can be traded on DEXs
  • Can be retired/burned for a Certificate of Carbon Removal NFT that can be used for offset reporting purposes.

Carbonland DAO, a Public Benefit Corporation
Owns forest land that it protects perpetually to create outdoor recreational areas funded by carbon removal credits sales. Issues CDAO a forest conservation governance token.

Carbonland DAO CDAO Token
CDAO Governance token represents sqft/sqyd area of forest land that has put into perpetual conservation by proceeds of CDAO sales. Every CDAO is counted as a vote in voting on governance proposals of Carbonland DAO.

  • Can be used to vote on where and what kind of conservation efforts happen
  • Can be burned to reserve time in Carbonland DAO’s nature preserves
  • Can be burned to enter to win vacations

Stiff Money, a Wyoming LLC
Holds property titles on real estate that borrowers have a P2P funded loans on. Stiff Money offers people a way to become homeowners with no money down, and work towards long term mortgages. Stiff Money holds title of properties until the homebuyer has paid off the loan themselves or refinanced with a long term lender who pays off the Stiff Money Loan.

Stiff Money NOTE Token
Every NOTE represents a $1 loan made to Stiff Money with rights to redeem for $1.10 when homebuyers make payments. Buying NOTEs creates loans for homebuyers.

  • Can be traded on DEXs
  • Can be burned for USDC

WeThinkItMatters, a Social Purpose Corporation
WeThinkItMatters® is a digital cause marketing platform where businesses can use advertising dollars for positive impact. Plus, our cause-integrated media platform offers nonprofits a free fundraising platform where they can engage people to raise money for causes with just the tap of their finger, no donation required!

WeThinkItMatters WTIM Token
WTIM is a reward token for voting on nonprofit fundraising efforts. All it takes is for a Member to Vote and 50% of the money a business spent on CPA advertising on WeThinkItMatters® goes to the nonprofit voted for in the campaign, and then voter gets WTIM as a reward for voting. In our cause-integrated marketing campaigns 60% of the funds a business spent advertising goes to funding for nonprofits and 20% goes to prize pools WTIM holders have a chance to win.

  • Can be traded on DEXs
  • Can be burned for chances to win Money and other prizes offered by advertisers.
Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)

To raise seed funds Blockchain Laboratories we are offering a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) at a $10m valuation cap, far lower than we believe Blockchain Laboratories will be worth in a few years from now.

Round Offering

The minimum investment using the $10m valuation SAFE is $10,000 =.1% equity, and the maximum we are looking to raise at $10m the valuation is $500,000 = 5% equity in Blockchain Laboratories.

Exit Plan

Currently preparing do a Reg CF on NetCapital that will launch in July 2022. We plan after having some traction and some revenue to do a Reg A or D at a $100m valuation or more. And sometime in the future when we are doing millions a month in transaction volume on multiple developed and owned Web3 platforms, and having a treasury of many ESG digital assets we plan to IPO at a unicorn($1+billion) valuation someday.

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